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Zhejiang TITAN Design& Engineering CO., Ltd used to be Zhejiang Petrochemical Engineering Design Institute, was founded in 1958. In 2002, it is converted and in 2008, it became one of the members of SINOCHEM Group.

Zhejiang TITAN Design & Engineering CO., Ltd used to be Zhejiang Petrochemical Engineering Design Institute, was founded in 1958. In 2002, it is converted into a technological company, which is a limited company. In 2008, TITAN became a member of SINOCHEM Group.

 The company has more than 700 staffs, among which there are more than 190 senior engineers (including professor senior engineers), and 320 national registered engineers. The professional technical personnel take more than 95% of the total staff. It has seventeen specializations, including process, piping, equipment, civil engineering, instrument, utilities, cost estimate, construction management and so on. The company has Grade A certificate of engineering design, engineering consulting and EPC. Its business scope covers many fields, including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, storage, logistics, light and textile, gas, civil utilities, industry and civil buildings. At the time of developing design and consulting business, company is also developing EPC and project management business actively and expanding the technology integration and the plant operation service. We are becoming an engineering product whole life cycle provider.

 In 2008, SINCOCHEM GROUP regrouped Zhejiang Petrochemical Construction Material Group, thus TITAN became a member of SINOCHEM LANTIAN Group, and owns the expansive development space. In the past years, the company has developed the idea, í░Advanced, Efficiency, Innovationí▒, to supply good-quality engineering product and honest service to the customer and society. It owns the customers from any province in China and from abroad. It has got more than one hundred prizes such as the national and provincial excellent engineering design, consulting award, and advanced science and the technology award. TITANí»s comprehensive strength has continuously ranked in the first level comparing to the similar industry and scale in China. TITAN has won awards such así░High-tech enterprise í▒, í░AAA Corporation in bidding industry in Zhejiang Provinceí▒, í░one of the first batch head offices in Hangzhouí▒, í░National excellent enterprise for energy saving and emission reductioní▒. Meanwhile, it has also won awards of í░Innovative and outstanding enterprise in association of China and designí▒, í░demonstration enterprise of technological innovation enterprise in the industry of survey and design of China petroleum and chemical engineeringí▒. Moreover, it has awarded both í░the first hundred engineering project management cooperation in chinaí▒ and í░the first hundred enterprises with the biggest scale in the field of service in Hangzhou Cityí▒ continuously for years.

Following the SINCOCHEMí»s  idea, í░Science we trust, Unify knowledge and practiceí▒, TITAN puts the í░Create advanced technology; safe, environmental friendly, superior quality and high efficiency engineering productí▒ as the companyí»s mission in order to build a í░customer trust and society respectí▒ engineering company. We sincerely provide the whole life cycle engineering product service for the domestic and international customers.